About Horner Cycling Foundation

The Horner Cycling Foundation, founded in 2023 by Chris & Megan Horner was established in response to the absence of a junior development road cycling program in Central Oregon. Because of the dramatic growth in the 18 and under population since 2020, non-school related sports programs are at capacity. Local youth mountain bike programs have long waitlists and are nearly impossible to gain entry. HCF will seek out potential road enthusiasts, assisting with procuring equipment and provide necessary skills to ride well and even race.

The Horner Cycling Foundation will also be happy to welcome all interested   members or with the Community Club program which includes basic instruction for new cyclists as well as exciting opportunities for more advanced riders to join Chris and the juniors during training sessions.

Our Mission

To create a junior road cycling team that is inclusive, accessible to all socioeconomic statuses with the focus on developing a love of the sport of cycling that we hope will last a lifetime.

Our Goals

  • Provide Central Oregon youth elite level coaching from retired and current professional road racers and qualified coaches.
  • For athletes interested in racing, help them choose appropriate races, prepare for the targeted races, including teaching them how to make travel arrangements.
  • Teach how to safely ride in a pack, group and race tactics
  • Develop training and strength building plans depending on each rider’s individual goals. 
  • For athletes who do not own a safe and reliable road bike, will have the opportunity to lease a bike for the season for a nominal fee.
  • Create better relationships between road riders and rural community members by holding community-wide events.
  • Instill the importance of giving back to the community by making sure that all riders volunteer at Horner Cycling Foundation fundraising events.