The season is April-October.  Juniors can join at any time between April-October.

Riders between the ages of 14-18 and are interested in joining the team will need to complete the application.  Once the application is received, the applicant will be contacted by the Director, Molly Cogswell-Kelley to discuss further details. 

Team members will be outfitted with a jersey, cycling shorts, HCF t-shirt, socks, helmet, gloves and other sponsor goodies.  If needed, a loaner road bike will be provided.  

Weekly organized team rides led by Chris and other elite level coaches, April through October.  Groups will be formed by age and ability. Group rides will focus on safety, proper riding technique in a group, road etiquette, roundabout safety, riding single file, pulling and drafting and etc.

Virtual rides will take place in the winter months.

For those riders that are interested in racing, Chris, along with other coaches will develop training plans specific to their needs.  They will devise a holistic plan for each individual rider that will include nutrition, rest, cardio workouts and strength trainings.  Riders interested in racing will be encouraged to show up for the Tuesday night Hammer Fest rides.  We will make sure that one of our HCF coaches is there to support them.

Our goal is to turn the most dedicated and passionate riders into accomplished racers. Not everyone is going to fit that mold, and that is fine. They will still train regularly with the group and benefit from the skills they learn from the coaching and being on a team as well as learning the skills necessary to continue in the sport independently, including bike maintenance, making travel arrangements and learning how to travel independently.

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